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The King’s Finances 1 (왕의 재정1 영문판)   Changing the True Master of Your Life
무료배송 상품입니다.소득공제도서정가제 
저자 : Kim MiJin  |  출판사 : 규장
발행일 : 2020-11-18  |  (148*218)mm 352p  |  979-11-6504-148-9
  • 판매가 : 18,000원16,200원 (10.0%, 1,800원↓)
  • 적립금 : 900원 (5.0%)
  • 배송비 : 무료배송
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내부이미지입니다. 크게 보시려면 아래 그림을 클릭하세요. ['앞표지' 포함 총 21 페이지]

Where, in What Form and to Whom
Does God Give His Riches?

Train to Live the Life of Faith Which Moves God’s Riches!
Only God Is My Master and Provider.
The True Master of My Life Is Not Money; It Is God and God Only!

It was in the very early hours of morning. I fell to my knees in surprise when I suddenly heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Get up and shine your light.” God called me before Him with the words of Isaiah 60.
He spoke to me, saying that He would start a revival in the church and among the nations. And He said that the key to this revival lay in “finances.” That morning, with that very special message, the Lord sought to lead me down a new path, away from the familiar one I was on. The new work the Lord spoke of that day was the work of making a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert.
There are no roads in the wilderness or in the desert, making it impossible to determine which direction to take. There is no water in the wilderness or in the desert, making us thirst. There is no food in the wilderness or in the desert, making us hungry.
If you currently find yourselves in this situation, know that you have been admitted into the Lord’s best training school, the school of wilderness.
Editor’s Notes
Notes from the Author

Do Not Become a Slave to Wealth
But Rule Over Wealth

Train to Live a Life of Faith

The Seed Sweet Potato Dream
God as Our Debtor
The Homeless Ministry
The God Who Carries Out His Word
A Teary-Eyed Fourth-Generation Believer
Helping for Blessings’ Sake
Taking Money from the Kkongji
Your Very Bed Will Be Snatched from Under You
A Year’s Grace Period
Rice, Soy Sauce, and Tears
Two Families Under a Single Roof
The Unjust Steward
The Key to Calming the Squall
Starting Anew at Zero Percent Faith
God Gives Me a Second Chance
The Decision to Live by Faith
God Flows the Gimnyeong Seas to Me
The Case of DaEun’s Milk
Seafood Spaghetti and Gratin
The God of Sulwhasoo
Beginning My Obedience Training
From Tico to Mercedes (Obedience Training)
40 Boxes of Glasses (Training to Obey and Trust)
Three Types of Faiths
Tests, Trials, and Temptations
Faith That Is Pleasing to God
Lessons on Humility in the School of Wilderness
Across the River Jordan into the Promised Land

Do Not Treasure the Possession of Wealth
But Manage It Well

Train to Live the Life of a Steward

Where, in What Form and to Whom Does God Give His Riches?
The Little, Wealth, and Another’s Property (Obedience Training)
True Change in My Thinking
The Lord Entrusts Me with My First Lecture
The Three Right Attitudes toward Wealth
The Four Groups (the Holy Rich, the Holy Poor, the Worldly Rich, the Worldly Poor)
Eliminate Mammon
Eliminate the Worldly Rich Within
Eradicating the Ways of the Worldly Rich
The Four Cars That Were Dispatched as Slaves
The 10-Won Tuition That Rid Me of My Pride
Slave to 2.8 Million Won
Founding the King’s Finances School
The Primary Purpose of Why God Made Man
The Mammon-Made Rich - The Worldly Rich
The God-Made Rich - The Holy Rich
Set a Limit on Your Spending
Character Training for the Holy Rich 1: Humility
Character Training for the Holy Rich 2: Meekness
Character Training for the Holy Rich 3: Righteousness
Character Training for the Holy Rich 4: Diligence
Character Training for the Holy Rich 5: Loving God
The Beauty of the Holy Poor
The Life of the Holy Poor
A Unique Model for the Holy Poor - The Apostle Paul
Meeting the Owner of a Former Contractor

Live a Life of the Tent
While Handling Wealth

Train to Live a Life of Simplicity

A Life of Simplicity
A Life of Self-Contentment
Good Soil! 30, 60, 100 Times
The Principle of Multiples in the Kingdom of God - The Heavenly Bank
Saving in the Heavenly Bank 1 - The Poor
The Cause of Sodom’s Demise
Saving in the Heavenly Bank 2 - God’s People (The Holy Poor)
From Widow to Holy Rich: The Widow Who Provided for the Holy Poor Man, Elijah
They Are God’s People
Saving in the Heavenly Bank 3 - God’s Kingdom Project
Mammon’s Strategy Meeting
Change Your Master
The Difference Between “0” and “1”
The Right Attitude to Pay Off Debt 1 - Eating Just Kimchi with Rice
The Right Attitude to Pay Off Debt 2 - The Broken Finger
God Did It
Answer to His Call of the Holy Rich
The Correct Attitude to Receive God’s Promise
A Life that Multiplies - The Seeds to Sow
The Meaning of Tithing
God’s Supply - Bread for Food
Engage in Spiritual Warfare
Finding God in the Employee Hiring Process

Final Word
How to Use The King’s Finances School Workbook
Kim MiJin
Born into a fourth-generation Christian family, Kim MiJin dedicated her life to the Lord Jesus Christ at a young age. She has gained recognition as a successful entrepreneur since her first step into the business world as a university student. She is currently serving to expand the Kingdom of God through her work as a dynamic teacher of the Word not just in Korea but also in numerous countries around the world.
Her lectures have been gifted a special power, captivating the hearts and leading those who listen to dedicate themselves to the Kingdom of God. Based on biblical financial principles and obedience training, Kim MiJin teaches us how to train to live “a life of faith,” “the life of a steward,” and “a life of simplicity.”
Her lectures are practical training courses to becoming a God-made holy rich person and a holy poor person, who on his or her own accord, chooses to live a life of poverty. Her lectures allow us to know with all our hearts, that God alone is the owner of all things as well as the provider of all things.
This book contains not only detailed training methods for the author’s lectures on finances but also provides real evidence for each step of faith she has taken throughout her life.
Currently, Kim MiJin is serving as NCMN President (Nations-Changer Movement & Network), raising up Nation-Changers, who are leading changes in all areas of society through the church. She is also serving as the superintendent of training and main lecturer at the King’s Finances School. She has also authored The King’s Finances Workbook, The King’s Finances Ⅱ, and The King’s Voice, published by Kyujang.
시리즈 소개 | 세트 | 세트낱권구성
김미진 / 규장
가격: 36,000원→32,400원
Kim MiJin / 규장
가격: 18,000원→16,200원
김미진,감수-홍성건 / 규장
가격: 18,000원→16,200원
문의 제목

도서명The King’s Finances 1 (왕의 재정1 영문판)
저자Kim MiJin
제품구성상품설명 참조
목차 또는 책소개상품설명 참조
배송방법 택배
배송예상기간 [ 주문 ] 후 [2~3일 이내] [ 한진택배 ](으)로 출고 예정입니다. (토/일/공휴일 제외)
소비자 변심(구매착오)에 의한 반품비용 편도 2,500원 (최초 배송비 무료인 경우 4,500원)
청약철회가 불가능한 경우 상품 수령일로부터 7일이 지난 경우 및 전자상거래등에서의 소비자보호에 관한 법률 등에 의한 청약철회 제한 사유에 해당하는 경우 청약철회가 제한될 수 있습니다.
교환 반품 보증 조건 및 품절보증기준 소비자분쟁해결기준 및 관계법령에 따릅니다.
주문취소 및 대금 환불 방법 마이페이지 1:1문의를 통해 신청할 수 있으며, 판매자는 전자상거래등에서의 소비자보호에 관한 법률이 정하는 바에 따른 지연이자 지급의 책임이 있습니다.
A/S 관련 전화번호 1522-0091
거래에 관한 이용약관 확인 방법 당사 홈페이지 하단의 이용약관 링크를 통해 확인할 수 있습니다.
 저자(Kim MiJin) 신간 메일링   출판사(규장) 신간 메일링  

1. 본 상품은 [ 주문 ] 후 [2~3일 이내] [ 한진택배 ](으)로 출고 예정입니다. (토/일/공휴일 제외)
2. 배송비 : 무료배송

반품교환정보 및 절차

1. 상품 하자가 아닌 소비자의 단순변심 또는 구매착오에 따른 교환/반품은 상품 수령일로부터 7일 이내에 신청 가능하며,
상품 회수 및 배송에 필요한 비용 왕복배송비 [ 4,500 ]원은 고객께서 부담하셔야 합니다.

2. 갓피플몰 고객센터에 반품 신청을 하신 후 안내에 따라 배송된 택배사를 통해 반품하시면 됩니다.
빠른 처리를 위해 주문자명, 연락처, 반품/교환 사유를 메모하시어 박스 안에 동봉해주세요.

3. 상품의 교환/반품/보증 조건 및 품질 보증 기준
   상품에 하자가 있거나 내용이 표시정보와 상이할 경우에는 문제점 발견 후 30일(단, 수령일로부터 3개월) 이내에 무상으로 교환해드립니다.

4. 상품의 불량에 의한 반품, 교환, A/S, 환불, 품질보증 및 피해보상 등에 관한 사항은 소비자분쟁해결기준 (공정거래위원회 고시)에 따라 받으실 수 있습니다.

5. 대금 환불 및 환불 지연에 따른 배상금 지급 조건, 절차 등은 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률에 따라 처리합니다.

반품교환 불가 안내

1. 반품요청 기간이 지났을 경우
2. 소비자에게 책임이 있는 사유로 상품이 훼손된 경우.
3. 소비자의 사용 또는 일부 소비로 상품의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
4. 시간이 지나 다시 판매하기 곤란할 정도로 상품의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
5. 비닐 등으로 포장되어 있는 상품의 포장이나 봉인 라벨이 훼손됐을 경우
6. 복제가 가능한 상품의 포장을 훼손한 경우(음반, DVD, 소프트웨어 등)
7. 인쇄 및 고객 요청에 의한 주문제작 상품일 경우
8. 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률에 의한 반품규정이 판매자가 지정한 반품조건보다 우선합니다.
상품별 교환/반품불가 사항
의류/잡화 · 상품 상태가 온전치 못한 경우·세탁을 했거나 수선했을 경우
소프트웨어 · CD, DVD, VCD, VIDEO Tape 등 박스 포장을 제거했거나 바코드가 손상된 경우
· 장착 또는 운영체제 등을 설치했을 경우
스포츠 · 사용 흔적이 있는 경우
가구/인테리어 · 주문 제작의 경우 실측 후 제작 중일 경우
식품 · 발송과 동시에 상품의 훼손이 진행되는 경우
악기/음향영상기기 · 사용 흔적이나 설치를 한 경우
· 부품이 망실되었거나 임의로 탈착시켰을 경우