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Sweet Flame, a: Piety in the Letters of Jonathan Edwards (PB)  
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저자 : 조나단 에드워즈  |  출판사 : Reformation Heritage Books / KCBS (:미국)
발행일 : 2007-01-01  |  4.5 * 7 (inches) 169p  |  9781601780119
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“A Sweet Flame” introduces readers to the piety of Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). Dr. Haykin’s biographical sketch of Edwards captures the importance the New England minister placed on Scripture, family piety, and the church’s reliance upon God. The remainder of the book presents 26 selections from various letters written by Edwards, two written by family members at his death, and an appendix drawing upon Edwards’s last will and the inventor of his estate. “In this collection of letters Michael Haykin offers you a behind-the-scenes look into the life of Jonathan Edwards. As you look, you will see him dealing with sick children, trying to make sense out of the conflict with his Northampton congregation, and reveling in the serendipities of friendship. Read these letters and you will find Edwards becoming your own ‘most obliging and affectionate friend in the labors of the gospel.’” --Stephen J. Nichols “Jonathan Edwards was not only a brilliant theologian, but also a devoted husband, father, pastor, and friend. Underneath it all, he was a man passionate about living in joyful obedience to God. In this highly recommended collection of letters, skillfully edited and annotated by historian Michael Haykin, Edwards’s warm-hearted piety shines through on every page, giving us a glimpse into the heart and mind of this servant of God.” --Justin Taylor “A rare privilege awaits you. In these pages, you are about to meet one of the great Christians of all time: Jonathan Edwards! Your guide is reliable. Dr. Haykin has gathered some of the choicest letters of Edwards. In them, you will discover the insights of this noble leader on “Piety,” up close and personal. Piety? That is the way we tap the resources God provides, to live for His glory and help others find them, too. Before going on to the high ridges of thought, your escort will sketch the chief events of Edwards’ life. Then, in the letters, you will find Edwards’ views on piety, in his own words. Treasures for all ages are here. Edwards tells how he found heaven within, God’s mighty presence, enabling him to meet every challenge and be more than conqueror. Best of all, he had the radiant hope of being at home with the Lord in the life beyond. Bringing the eternal into practical situations is no mean feat. Edwards, however, accomplishes just that. We see his role as a child, husband, parent, pastor, mentor, and educator?with pungent thoughts on conversion, prayer, the Bible, revival, evangelism, and other vital topics. Each fruit of the Spirit is to be found here, expressed in Edwards’ own words, dem¬onstrated in his life. The selections were chosen wisely. We are all indebted to Dr. Haykin for his outstanding service in making these classics available in such an attractive format. Now, to savor them!” --George S. Claghorn
조나단 에드워즈

Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758

미국이 낳은 위대한 복음주의 신학자, 회중교회 목사의 가정에 태어난 그는 13세도 되기 전에 예일대학에 입학하였는데, 이미 그때 히브리어와 헬라어, 라틴어를 습득하고 있었다. 그는 대학을 졸업할 때쯤 회심을 경험하고 신학을 공부하여 회중교회 사역자가 되었다. 평생에 걸쳐 성경과 청교도 신학자들의 저서를 가까이했으며 칼빈주의자로 불리는 것을 영광스러워했다. 그의 설교는 조용했지만 그 힘과 영향력은 대단했다. 대각성운동기에는 조지 휘트필드와 손을 잡았고, 엄격한 칼빈주의 입장에서 설교했다. 그러나 그의 인간적인 삶은 아름답지만은 않았다. 성찬식에 참여할 수 있는 자격에 대한 긴 논쟁 끝에 20년이 넘게 시무한 노샘프턴 교회를 떠나야 했고, 그 후 프린스턴 신학교 총장에 취임하였으나 두 달만에 열병으로 삶을 마감해야 했다.
저서로는 『영적 감정을 분별하라』, 『조나단 에드워즈의 묵상 영혼의 위로』, 『순전한 헌신』, 『조나단 에드워즈의 점검』 등이 있다.

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도서명Sweet Flame, a: Piety in the Letters of Jonathan Edwards (PB)
저자조나단 에드워즈
출판사Reformation Heritage Books
크기4.5 * 7 (inches)
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소비자 변심(구매착오)에 의한 반품비용 편도 3,000원 (최초 배송비 무료인 경우 6,000원)
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 저자(조나단 에드워즈) 신간 메일링   출판사(Reformation Heritage Books) 신간 메일링  
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1. 수량일로부터 7일 이내: 단순 변심 (택배 착불)
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