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Net Bible Full Notes Second Ed, Bonded Leather, Brown  
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출판사 : Biblical Institute Press / KCBS (:미국)
발행일 : 2018-01-01  |  0 * 0 2533p  |  9780737502138
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4.57 cms H x 23.88 cms L x 17.02 cms W (1.54 kgs)
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Updated in 2017

The NET Bible is a completely new translation with tens of thousands of notes! Completed by more than 25 scholars working directly from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts this translation is the most accessible ever due to the unparalleled detailing in the notes and up-to-date language. To read this translation along with all the notes go to lumina.bible.org where it was the first translation to be made available free online. You can read more about the NET Bible translation process and see sample pages on netbible.com.

"The NET Bible is ingenious. Its continuously updated translation, supported by an array of quality footnotes on the original languages, will be an invaluable resource for pastors, missionaries and well-trained laymen. Bringing instant access to the best research with just a few clicks, the NET Bible has truly brought a visionary form to a timeless function. It's a great step in the Church's preparation for the next millennium." -- Dr. Gene Getz

Designed for long life, these NET Bibles were bound with Premium Cromwell Bonded Leather on the observation that conventional leather dries and cracks in 35 to 150 years, while the modern Bonded Leather composition combines leather and advanced polymers in a way which should extend the working life of the NET Bible far beyond that observed by collectors of first edition Geneva and King James editions, whose spines cracked and fell apart centuries ago.

Full Notes Features: All 58,506 translators' notes
Full color satellite maps of the Holy Lands
9.5 point font
Print Bible features: Premium Cromwell Leather
Premium Bible paper
Premium Smyth sewn binding
Gold gilded edges and a premium ribbon
Bible Specifications Width: 6 3/4"
Length: 9 5/8"
Thickness: 1 7/8"
Weight: 3 1/2 lbs.

Preface to the Second Edition

We give thanks to God for allowing us to produce a Second Edition of the NET Bible. We agree with the KJV translators’ preface of 1611 that “...nothing is begun and perfected at the same time, and the latter thoughts are thought to be the wiser”. The same undoubtedly stands true today - our team continually strives toward our goal of faithfulness to the original languages, so after our original Beta release at 4AM on 9/11/2001, we released the second Beta edition in 2003 and the First Edition in 2006. We stated our goal to continually update the online version and release a Second Edition in a decade with the accumulated updates.

For pastors who faithfully teach from the NET Bible every week and sent emails saying “I could not quote the NET Bible on this verse because …”, we have fixed a great number of these, but also stuck to our principles of faithfulness to the original autographs, rather than conforming to follow the historical consensus. We created a Second Edition because of a ingrained belief that Scripture is inspired (2 Timothy 3:16), every single detail matters (Matthew 5:18-19), and that faithfulness proves more important than tradition (Mark 7:8). Our goal is not to create a consensus translation, nor to tune it for popularity, but to strive for faithfulness to the original autographs in Hebrew, Greek, the few passages in Aramaic, and scattered words/phrases in other languages. Our translation team is grateful for the wide acceptance of the First Edition and we are very thankful for the effect the NET Bible has made on other translations.

We believe that all translations are God's word, just as we learned from when Jesus and the New Testament authors confirmed the Septuagint (LXX) as the word of God, even though it was done by 70 authors in a short period of time. Translators from that team and later centuries have taken comfort in the fact that God forgives and even endorses good translations that leave room for minor improvements.

The translators of any translation are often overcome with the humbling responsibility of translation because they know well that what they produce will be relied on as the Word of God by tens of millions. Translators endure various trials and carry this tremendous responsibility with varying degrees of personal sacrifice. We salute the translators of this and other translations for their lifelong pursuits of scholarship and service to the kingdom. In fact, this Second Edition would have been impossible without the faithful service of many translators working diligently for decades, often as volunteers. It was completed because the translators view it as a mission to offer a more faithful translation. With that said, a translator’s work is never done. There are always new discoveries, changes in English over time, and unanticipated misunderstandings. We understand that many verses had the potential for better translation, but were only noticed after millions of believers pondered them for years. If you find translation issues, please let us know at https://bible.org/comments so we can continue making improvements.

The most substantial editing work for this Second Edition centered on the essential task of creating an updated Strong’s Hebrew/Greek to English mapping of the entire translation. This allowed the discovery of discrepancies and inconsistencies as well as creating a collating base for comparing consistency across the entire Bible. We completed many items on our list of initiatives for the Second Edition:
Both OT and NT have updated Strong’s tagged using phrase tagging as well as multiple number tagging.
This detailed Strong’s tagging was used to detect and correct inconsistencies across the OT.
Divine names in the OT have been made more consistent.
Technical terms related to geography, feast names, and the tabernacle have been made more consistent.
References to explicit sexual body parts or sexual acts have been made more euphemistic like it is in the Hebrew and Greek. Sometimes a more transparent translation isn’t always better, such as reading the Christmas story with young children.
Important key passages were revised to make the translation more consistent and acceptable with the mainstream of evangelical views and thus more acceptable in the church.
Awkward/unidiomatic renderings were revised, and
Hebrew references in footnotes were corrected and standardized.

How substantial are the accumulated edits since the First Edition in 2006? A Word doc comparison listed 58,524 changes. This number is approximate and understated a bit because the insertion of a multi-word phrase counts as one insertion. On the other hand, it is overstated in that correction of a Hebrew transliteration font in a footnote counts as one deletion and one insertion. We did delete about 3300 footnotes which were deemed unnecessary and superfluous such as “δε has not been translated” or “και has not been translated due to differences in Greek and English style.”

We did not have any changes in translation philosophy between the first drafts and the new Second Edition, and our appreciation of the guidance and faithfulness of W. Hall Harris and the translators remains deep seated and grows stronger with time. This Second Edition solely comprehends tasks the team had in mind as unfinished and future when we closed down our work on the First Edition. With these tens of thousands of updates, we strove to make a fine translation better. As you know, the extensive use of translators’ notes has simultaneously removed stress for the translators as well as given innumerable insights to the reader by providing a way for the translators to add nuances normally lost in translation.

We pray that your walk with God will be enriched by the study of scripture and the application of God’s will on your life.

The editors, translators, staff, and sponsors of the NET Bible. May 16, 2017.
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도서명Net Bible Full Notes Second Ed, Bonded Leather, Brown
출판사Biblical Institute Press
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2. 수령일로부터 30일 이내: 도서 외형 파손, 파본 등의 경우 해당 도서 수량일로부터 30일 이내 보내주셔야, 해외 출판사 처리가 가능합니다.
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반품 주소: 서울시 서초구 서초중앙로 217(반포동 51-5) 대동빌딩 1층 102호